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It is my great honor to become President of ISAPS following Dr. Carlos Uebel, who has done tremendous and excellent work. I will devote all of my energy for the next two years to live up to this great responsibility.

Have you ever seen the film, The Last Samurai? It depicts samurai, as members of the warrior class in Japan were known until approximately 150 years ago, dying for the spirit of the samurai against modern utilitarianism and efficiency. I love this movie. What is deeply fulfilling in our lives is the mission we are given and the cooperation we have with colleagues who understand, believe in, and share this mission. That is why the last words of the samurai in the film, “Everything was perfect,” touches our hearts. It would be wonderful if I could say “Everything was perfect” when I finally stop being a plastic surgeon. To be able to conclude my working life with these words, it is surely essential to be faithful to the mission of a plastic surgeon and to work with colleagues who believe in and share the same mission.

We must define our mission in a way that transcends the times. The mission is to ensure our patients’ safety. This duty will never change for either for our members or for ISAPS.

In order to fulfill this mission, we need to manage ISAPS in the following manner.

First, ISAPS will open our doors wider. We have long adhered to a system where plastic surgeons were assigned as lecturers at the biennial congress, ISAPS courses, and ISAPS symposia, to impart their skills and knowledge. Only plastic surgeons were allowed to enter these venues. From now on, however, we will open our doors of new faculty members and to quality non-plastic surgeons. Non-surgical treatment has widely been accepted by patients who require cosmetic medicine and the number of treatment methods is increasing. When the safety of patients and the benefits to them are our priority, it is preferable to have methods other than surgical interventions among our options. Therefore, we should have the most precise and the latest knowledge related to non-surgical treatment. It is important to learn from doctors other than plastic surgeons who have achieved excellent therapeutic effects from laser or filler therapy, toxins, and hair transplantation, for example. If you find a presentation on an amazing therapy in your country or region, please recommend it for submission to our journal. And please give the name of the doctor and the content of the therapy to Dr. Lina Triana, the Chair of the Education Council, to Education Council members, or to Board Members. We would like to invite quality physicians as faculty for future meetings of ISAPS. We will also continue to evaluate every faculty member so that highly rated faculty members will continue to be invited to join the faculty in the future.

Next, ISAPS values people who truly serve our society. Doctors who assume important positions in ISAPS, including Board Members, Committee Chairs, and National Secretaries in each of our member countries are required to maintain satisfactory results when serving ISAPS. Once they assume important positions, they are required to make an additional contribution to the mission of ISAPS - as a servant of ISAPS. I would like to improve the method of electing Board Members so that the people who satisfy this policy can be elected as leaders of ISAPS at the biennial congress to be held in Kyoto in 2016.

In closing, I would like to see the number of ISAPS members increase globally and I look forward to the time where representatives of each region share equal time as leaders of ISAPS. Being from Asia, I will serve as President for two years this term. In the future, I hope we will have Presidents also from Africa, the Middle East and other regions. When the time comes, one of the goals of ISAPS, Aesthetic Education Worldwide, will then be achieved and become successful. The mission of ISAPS members is shared throughout the world, regardless of race, tribe, politics, or religion. It is the wish of ISAPS that patient safety around the world will be ensured by ISAPS members with excellent knowledge and skills and that these patients will show us their smiles. Looking forward to the day when our wish comes true, I would like our society to operate in a way where requests by our members from all over the world are reflected in a well-balanced manner.

The next biennial congress will be held in Kyoto, Japan from October 24 to 28, 2016. Kyoto is called a Millennium City because it has long been a center of government in Japan. There are many temples and shrines designed with traditional Japanese beauty. One of them, Chion-in Temple, was used in filming “The Last Samurai.” Many tourists visit Kyoto each year. Please book your accommodations well in advance. The Local Organizing Committee, which includes Dr. Kitaro Ohmori, honorary local chair, Dr. Yoshiaki Hosaka, local chair, and Dr. Hiroyuki Ohjimi, local chair and National Secretary for Japan, has already started its preparations to welcome you. I will do my best as President of ISAPS to organize a meaningful congress and welcome many ISAPS member participants to Kyoto in the autumn of 2016. We look forward to your participation.

Susumu Takayanagi, MD

Susumu Takayanagi, MD
ISAPS President 2014-2016