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Dear Colleagues,

Our Society is quickly growing. We have almost 3000 members, and what is most important, colleagues filled with an extraordinary energy to bring our specialty to the highest standard in the world.

In my presidential term, I have visited more than twenty-two countries and have seen the tremendous enthusiasm of colleagues working for our Society organizing courses, symposia and fellowship programs in their National Societies and Universities. Wherever I have visited, I have seen our flag fluttering with friendship and education and this is certainly our goal in ISAPS – to maintain our roots established 44 years ago by our founders and to construct new bridges for our new members, especially the young people who are joining us now and represent our future.

Our Society is responsible for bringing new tools and developing new strategies for aesthetic education to the world.  To accomplish this, we have sent Visiting Professor Programs organized by Renato Saltz to Brazil, Romania, India, Dubai and Russia already, with another three scheduled by the end of this year in the US, Hong Kong and Argentina.  In total, eleven Professors have donated their time to this important program.  This program sends dedicated faculty to institutions who request them to demonstrate their techniques especially to young surgeons who cannot easily travel to courses outside their country.  We have endorsed many other educational programs and fellowships provided by our colleagues.  

In addition to our wonderful journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and our great newsletter, we have a new website where you can discover many new features and your patients can read important information in ten languages.  We now have ajax, our newly developed journal App that allows you to read our journal on your iPad – soon this service will be available on Androids and your desktop computer, too.  Our unique insurance program has many subscribers and several claims have now been paid – a positive development.  The ISAPS Public Relations office in New York, with our dedicated staff of Leigh Hope Fountain and Gloria Gasaatura, have done an excellent job of promoting ISAPS in the media and expanding the ISAPS brand in new ways.  Of course our important survey of worldwide aesthetic surgery procedures is now in analysis and the results will be published later in July.  The response rate was far above any previous survey, but not all countries participated.  It is a difficult task to collect this information on such a global scale.

Our most important activity has been our education program executed by Nazim Cerkes. Twenty-eight official Courses and Symposia were produced (or are scheduled) in 2013 and 2014 – an amazing program with incredible acceptance by our membership in countries from Uruguay, South Africa, Poland, and Japan, to Azerbaijan -  to mention only a few countries on four continents that welcomed ISAPS education programs and our dedicated faculty.  

And finally our largest summit event - the RIO WORLD CONGRESS 2014 in Rio de Janeiro from 19th to 22nd September this year.  An enormous scientific program has been executed by Jorge Herrera and the Scientific Committee. You can see the program and faculty on our Congress website – and in this Newsletter.  The program will include 260 invited faculty, 240 free paper presenters, and many more moderators and chairs.  This will be one of the largest meetings in ISAPS history. The social activities were planned by our dearest colleague, Ruy Vieira, who passed away recently, and certainly you will have the opportunity to enjoy Rio and to create new friendships. In September, the spring season starts in Brazil and it is a wonderful time to extend your visit to other regions of South America.   

As this is my last editorial as President in ISAPS News, I would like to thank our Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, National Secretaries, and our Executive Director, Catherine Foss, and her incredible team for the many hours, talent, and hard work they have contributed to the functioning of this organization.  In September, our new President, Susumu Takayanagi from Japan, will take over the top leadership position in ISAPS and I wish him great success over the next two years.

Kind regards and welcome to Brazil,

Carlos Uebel, MD, PhD
ISAPS President