Members Area

Dear ISAPS Member,

Welcome to the members only section of our website.

As I see it, our worldwide mission is three fold.

1. The continuing medical education of our members.

2. Providing accurate information to the public.

3. Promoting patient safety.


The major mission of ISAPS is and has always been education through our post graduate courses, our biennial congresses, and our journal. We have met these goals very well as was evident in our most successful February Congress in Melbourne.

Under the leadership of our newly appointed Education Council Chair, Dr. Renato Saltz of the US, our post graduate courses will be reorganized and taken to the next level as we pursue aesthetic education worldwide. As we continue to build on the success of the Melbourne Congress, we applaud the efforts of Dr. Tom Biggs, Editor-In-Chief, who has successfully revitalized our journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Our educational goals are to solidify our position as world leaders in cosmetic medicine and surgery.


Through doctor advertising and the media, the public is constantly bombarded with information about cosmetic surgery and medicine. This information is not always accurate and regrettably often misleading, if not false! ISAPS' role is to provide accurate information to the public on all aspects of cosmetic medicine and surgery. This is a relatively new mission for us and the efforts of our Communications Committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Joca Sampaio Goes of Brazil and our Marketing Director, Mr. Tony Staffieri, have only just begun. Our goal is to provide accurate information to the media and public, not just through our website but also through periodic global press releases.

I am grateful to all of you for responding to our surveys, which serve as a source for our news releases.


With our surgical background, training, and commitment to post graduate education, we are already advocates of patient safety. Through our association with SFR (Surgical Facility Resources), we are now evaluating the settings in which we operate. Through certification by SFR or other national groups, we further advance our commitment to patient safety. I would encourage all of us to evaluate the operating rooms where we operate and to have them inspected and certified. Our commitment to putting the patient's best interests and safety above all else sets us apart from those who compete with us. We have reaffirmed this commitment to patient safety through our endorsement of the WHO's (World Health Organization) worldwide efforts on surgical safety.

Our newly appointed committee on medical tourism, under the capable chairmanship of Mr. James Frame of the UK will strengthen our commitment to assuring the safety of those who seek aesthetic surgery beyond the borders of their own country.

Whilst the above is a brief statement of the mission of your society, without your involvement these goals will not be reached. How can we all contribute so that we can meet these goals?

Please remember that it is your society. We want you to be involved. We want you to participate. We want you to contribute and we invite your suggestions and ideas as to how we can better serve our membership and the public. If you have any suggestions or are willing to work for the Society to further our mission, I would be pleased to hear from you.

I have always maintained that as volunteers, those of us who serve organized plastic surgery do so not to self-promote, not to gain local notoriety to promote our practice, nor in the hopes of financial gain. We serve ISAPS to make it a better society. We serve so that ISAPS can realize its goals and mission. I invite all of you who share these ideals to join us as we work together to grow and promote ISAPS worldwide.

I thank you for the honor of being your President and look forward to working together.