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Dear Colleagues,

It’s time to give a report to all our members about what we have done in these five months since we have assumed our Presidential term, and what we are planning for the future.  An intensive program has been planned and executed by our Board of Directors and Committee members according to our strategic plan established last September in Geneva.

Executive Office – We have renewed the contract with Catherine Foss for two years.  She has expanded her administrative office and invested in new qualified staff to bring more efficiency to our education program and membership sector.

Education Program – Under our slogan, Aesthetic Education Worldwide, more than 24 official Courses and Symposia are planned for 2013 and 2014.  Nazim Cerkes, Chair of the Education Council, is doing a great job and mobilizing renowned, high level faculty members around the world for an outstanding scientific program never seen before. If you want to be part of this project, please contact him at

Membership – This is our second most important issue. We want to bring more highly qualified members into our society from around the world and it’s very simple to join us. If you have a colleague in your country who desires to be in our society and has the ISAPS pre-requisites, please access and go to the membership area were you will find application information. The applicant must be full active member of the plastic surgery society in his or her country and have been in practice, after all training, for at least three years.  He or she must designate at least two sponsors, provide their CV and pay the fee.  This can all be done from the home page of our website. Ivar van Heijningen, from Belgium, is the Chair of the Membership Committee and has developed a very nice plan to increase our membership.

Traveling Professor Task Force – We are revisiting this project originally started so many years ago. A group of outstanding faculty has been invited to travel around the world to give lectures and surgical demonstrations. Renato Saltz from the US is organizing this program to send two renowned surgeons to different countries and universities for four to seven days. If your local plastic surgery society wants to host our colleagues, please contact Renato at

2013 Global Survey - You will receive in a few weeks a new questionnaire to complete. We need your input for this survey and I beg you to understand how important it is for ISAPS to have your statistical data. I know that surveys bother us tremendously, but we cannot report accurate information about international plastic surgery procedures if we don’t have your participation. Sami Saad, from Lebanon, as Chair of the Communications Committee, is preparing a very suitable survey to be sent to you. If you want to include your questions, please let him know at

Board and Strategic Planning Committee Meetings - Both of these important meetings  will be held in New York City in April during the 2013 ASAPS Meeting. If you should have any suggestions or concerns to be discussed, please send an email to our Executive Office with a copy to me so we can include your issue on the agenda. This will help us to bring new ideas and strategic plans to our society.

ISAPS Congress:  Rio 2014 -  Our next Congress will be in Rio de Janeiro on September 18-23 in a huge place – Windsor Hotel & Convention Center at Barra da Tijuca.  All scientific and social activities will be in this beautiful area with hotels, restaurants, golf clubs and what’s important – on the best beach in Rio. Plan in advance your trip to come to Brazil and I am sure you will enjoy it. The scientific program is being prepared by a select team from around the world with Jorge Herrera as Program Chair and Nazim Cerkes as Education Council Chair. The local arrangements are being planned by Ruy Vieira, Eduardo Sucupira and Luiz Heredia.  Soon you will receive more information.

The Night Club Fire – I would like to thank again all colleagues who responded with emails and sympathy to this tragedy that occurred in my state in Brazil. We will never forget the prompt action of so many plastic surgeons and foreign physician task forces from around the world that brought help and support for those victims.


Carlos Uebel, MD, PhD
ISAPS President