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Applications for Membership

Applications are evaluated and new members are admitted at the end of each month. Your application fee and first year’s dues will be collected when you finish this application. Click here for a summary of membership fees.

If you are accepted into the society, your name, degree, and the office information you provide below will be displayed publicly on our website. We recommend not entering your home address. All ISAPS mail, including your journal issues, will be sent to this address.

Your application fee is non-refundable. If you are not accepted into the society your Annual Dues will be refunded.

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Type of Application

Application Type* Basic Requirements
Active Member Board Certification and membership in your national society
Associate Member Training completed, fewer than 3 years in practice
Associate Resident/Fellow Still in training

Personal Information

Office Address

Required Documents that you must upload

If you cannot UPLOAD a document, you must email it to


ACTIVE MEMBER APPLICANT: You must provide a certificate or letter from your society confirming current full active membership in the National Plastic Surgery Society in the country where you practice. Certificates must be in English.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER APPLICANT: You must provide a certificate or letter in English confirming your current enrollment in a plastic surgery training program.

upload Only PDF files, Max: 1.5MB

Board Certification (or equivalent) in Plastic Surgery

You must provide a certificate or letter in English confirming your board certification in Plastic Surgery, or the equivalent status in your country.

upload Only PDF files, Max: 1.5MB

Curriculum Vitae

You must provide your curriculum vitae confirming your plastic surgery training and current practice status.

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Photo (optional)

Please provide a recent color photo to include with your member profile on the ISAPS website.

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Select 2, 3 or 4 sponsors. At least one sponsor should be from the country where you practice. If there are no ISAPS members in your country, then members from another country may sponsor you. The National Secretary should not be one of your sponsors.

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Additional Information

National Society of Plastic Surgery

ACTIVE MEMBER APPLICANT: Indicate Active Practice in Plastic Surgery After All Training


Use of the ISAPS logo is forbidden until any applicant receives notification from the Executive Office that they are now a member of ISAPS.

Please list all websites where your name appears:

By clicking submit below, I certify that all information provided in this application is true. I understand that any false statements will result in the rejection of this application or possible termination of my membership at any time. I agree to comply with the ISAPS Code of Ethics and principles, and By-Laws of ISAPS.

Your application cannot be processed without full payment of the fee.


Summary of Membership Fees

Application Type Application Fee Annual Dues Total Due with Application
Active Member $100 $450 $550
Associate Member $75 $250 $325
Associate Resident/Fellow $50 $175 $225